The History of Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check!
2008 to Present
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-Rikki & Tavi
Posted December 8, 2008
1995 to 2007
    Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check! began as a self-publishing effort in 1995.  The Internet, for the most part, was still shiny and new, but the speculation on what it would become seemed anchored in pessimism.  Books and movies all speculated on one dystopian future or another, and while we relish a really good bout of thoughtful pessimism, we felt there were few all-ages stories that just celebrated what was right with science and technology, while still poking fun at the goofs.  So we self-published the first two black and white issues of SIH:Reality Check!, the story of Collin Meeks, a teenage cat owner in the year 2012, who’s cat Catreece finds a way to access the Virtual Internet System (the VIS) goes online, thinks she’s human, and causes a lot of really fun technology based havoc.
    Then we went broke.
    The series was picked up by Sirius Entertainment and we re-published the first two issues in color in 1996.  The series went on for  twelve full issues, until our break-up with Sirius in 2000.
    In 2003 SIH: Reality Check! was republished by Tokyopop in black and white, in two full volumes, each volume collecting six issues as six chapters.  Both volumes sold out of their print runs and then Tokyopop, very strangely, put them out of print.
    So here they are, back in our control again, and now we present SIH: Reality Check! to you in color once again but this time on the Internet.  That’s a bit of irony, perhaps.
    We look back at some of these stories and laugh just because they already show their age in some way.  In the first chapter, Collin is connecting his True Virtual Reality (TVR) helmet to his computer with a SCSI cable!  It was the middle 1990’s however, and we did our best to figure out how the internet would transform over the years.  I think, looking at what we were trying to calculate with Moore’s Law, computer processing power in 2007 has already surpassed where we thought we would be.  But despite the 30 hour work days and poverty, we had fun making these — we had fun thinking about the future.
    We took the idea of the Singularity and turned it into a self-aware virtual rabbit.  We played with cost of freight issues in delivering objects into space by wrapping an entire chapter around a cookie run.  We had virtual lawyers and pets that were designed to laugh at their pain, we had panda avatars, Internet ghouls, hungry puffy cat viruses, harlequin super heroines, and cats, lots and lots of cats!
Welcome to our future-past.  Please enjoy.
-Rikki & Tavi
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