When Megan Amano dreams, she opens a gateway to a world beyond her own: Merridiah.  Here she will be the only living Muse in the afterlife’s University for Muses...


ShutterBox, Book One: Orientation

158 Page Black and White Graphic Novel. Fantasy, Romance.  PDF Format (55.32 MB).

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Where is this place that photography student, Megan Amano travels to when she dreams? The inhabitants call it Merridiah University. They tell her that ambitious spirits attend the University to be educated before they are reborn ... and that since she is still alive, Megan is an exchange student. But why Megan? Does it have something to do with the mysterious young man she saw walk into the ocean? She feels a strange connection with him, a desperate need to speak with him ... is he here, at the University? And if Megan is an exchange student in this shadowy afterlife, who or what takes her place in the living world when she is asleep?

These are just a few of the questions plaguing Megan as she attends college in Santa Monica, California by day ... and Merridiah University by night. Here, spirits train to be muses to aid and assist humans in the living world. For a girl such as Megan, who once thought she'd live a boring life with no purpose, the idea of being a living muse is nearly beyond belief ... and yet what is this promise of finding her soul mate all about? Can such a person exist for her?

Perhaps the drowned young man, Adrien Crandall, and his cold-hearted brother have all the answers for her ... or maybe the cycle of unanswered questions will remain as such forever. Eternal questions. Nothing more. However, the mystery behind the great gothic castle that is Merridiah University begins to unravel for Megan the night she peers through the shutter of her camera lens, opening a mystery inside a mystery, inside a mystery, inside a mystery ...

ShutterBox, Book Two: First School Quarter

174 Page Black and White Graphic Novel. Fantasy, Romance.  PDF Format (67.392 MB).

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Megan awakens during a rainstorm to find that she is back in Merridiah University, and now attending school in this afterlife as a full time exchange student. It is December 25th and she is told that she will remain a part of the Shutterbox Exchange Programme at Merridiah for a year. But what about her life on Earth? Megan is certain she has completely vanished from Earth and worries that he mother must be hysterical.

All is not right in the University of the afterlife, for a Banshee has been set loose, and it appears to be Megan's fault. While Megan and her sleeping friend, Dagny, are guided through the University by Dane (the Angel of Death Unbalanced), AJ (the Angel of Childhood's End) tries to find a way to save Megan from expulsion and doom. For to be expelled from Merridiah is a fate worse than death.

ShutterBox, Book Three: Entry Exam 

192 Page Black and White Graphic Novel. Fantasy, Romance.  PDF Format (72.5MB).

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While AJ works to distract Dane's minions, and keep them from erasing Megan's soul, Megan has fallen into a trance, writing journal after journal, and becoming more and more absorbed with the idea of becoming a living muse. This would be fine under normal circumstances, but Megan is delaying her vital mission. She must remove the Banshee from Lewis Carroll's Author Urn, or she will be doomed.

Thomas, the University's Disembodied President, takes the initiative and opens the urn, taking Megan down into a literal Wonderland. There they face the Banshee and fight to reclaim Megan's rightful place as the ShutterBox Exchange Student, the only living Muse at the University of the afterlife.

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