Fubsí Potvaliant fell out of the sky over the Antarctic when he was ten years old and became a Surrealist. He grew up alone in the hidden city of Absinthium Kingdom with only two friends: his pen pal, Ollie, whom he never met, and his cat, Dalí, whom he brought to life out of clay. These are his ridiculous memoirs.

Some episodes contain vulgar language and may not be suitable for people of a certain style of age or mental disposition.


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In this first episode, Fubsí wins a free meal at a new café, but on the way he is stalked by a terrifying amusement park attraction and is eventually hunted by nefarious artists.

Volume 1 Episode 1

MP3 — 1 Hr, 14 Min

Reading Material

Numbered Transcript — 38 Pages

Volume 1 Episode 2 Part 1

MP3 — 35 Min

Reading Material

Numbered Transcript — 18 Pages

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