The Cartoons of My Aunt Dorothy

I'm Rikki Simons and these are the cartoons of my aunt Dorothy Richards. Dorothy is last of eight children on my mother's side. She helped raise me in the 1970's while she pursued her interests in cartooning. This involved her sending her characters to celebrities and them asking them to name them. Aunt Dorothy tells me she has over 800 characters named by actors, politicians, and other famous people. Here are just a few from that collection. She hopes to collect them all into a book sometime in the future. All photos were taken by Aunt Dorothy. I need to visit her in Oregon and scan her collection professionally, but until then, here is what she has found in her spare room so far.

Also, please check out the GoFundMe I have set up for Aunt Dorothy to help rescue her from possible homelessness:

Me and my Aunt Dorothy

Me and my Aunt Dorothy


Angelica Houston

Ann Jillian

Bette Davis

Betty White

Bill Cosby

Bill Farmer

Claudia Christianson

Dickie Jones

Dominic Keating

Doris Day

Edie Falco

Erik Menendez

Gerald Ford

Henry Winkler

Ivana Trump

Jerry Lewis

Joe Namath

John Gotti

John Hart

John Ritter

Kathy Najimy

Keifer Sutherland

Marie Wilson

Nichelle Nichols

(Dorothy is still searching for the character named by Nichelle Nichols.)

OJ Simpson

(Dorothy is still searching for the character named by OJ Simpson.)

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Phyllis Diller

(Dorothy is still searching for the character named by Phyllis Diller.)

Pierce Brosnan

Rena Owen

Robert Blake

(Dorothy is still searching for the character named by Robert Blake.)

Robert Kardashian

Steve Martin

Tammy Faye Messner

Tommy Hilfiger

Tony Anselmo

Vincent Price

Willem Defoe

(The character named by Willem Difoe can bee see at the top of this page.)